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Quality leisure time, what does that mean to you?  For each one asked it could mean something different.  It could include such things as bird watching, playing bingo, fishing, collecting stamps, enjoying a walk, marathon running, arts and crafts, golfing, reading a book, or organized sports to simply name a few.  As single parent homes and two income families become more the norm than in the past, leisure time seems to lessen, although the quality demand for that time has increased.  

The delivery of quality recreational leisure activities is a goal for Wayne County and all communities nation wide.  Solid recreation programs promote such things as enhancing quality of life for individuals, reducing stress levels, and increasing community pride.  Recreation involves the second largest tourism commodity in Georgia.  When businesses look to locate, strong recreational activities help to provide a positive outlook for our community.  Statistics show that sports related participation help reduce gang violence by promoting such things as teamwork, respect for one another, and positive self-esteem.  Participating in youth sports and other recreation activities also breaks down social and economic barriers that are unfortunately still prolific today.  Involving kids in these programs tends to promote family involvement.  Those of you who have come out to the ball fields have noticed the moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. that attend these events know exactly what I mean.  For the first time ever in history, the 1.2 billion overweight and obese populations has matched the underweight and starving population. The more kids and adults we get involved in recreation the healthier our entire community will become.  

Offering recreation for seniors and young adults is vital for this community.  Adult softball helps to keep our young (and young at heart) adults active throughout the year.  We have just finished up a community survey on recreation and facilities which will be available soon. Through the continued support of the County Commissioners and numerous partnerships throughout the County we hope to add and diversify the number of programs and activities we can offer through the Recreation Department.  A lot has been accomplished, but as we move ahead we are striving to improve our recreational activities and facilities in Wayne County.  “Vital Communities….Active Lifestyles!!”   


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